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So, how do we know our Weight Management Program is better than the latest fad diet?

Because we've made it work for our clients and for ourselves.

Our hypnotism instructor, Dave Morris, set out to use self-hypnosis and a simple tool you carry around with you every day in your cellphone to lose weight himself. He decided to find out just how easy it would be to lose 40 pounds and 4 inches off his waist. Now that the first 40 are gone, he plans to keep going.

One of our clients lost 50 pounds before we had even implemented half of the Program we use now.

"I came in to see if the hypnotist could get me to stop craving and eating sweet things.   I was not sure if this would work at all but I thought why not try it.  I have to say, I am amazed at just how successful this has worked.  I don’t even have to think that I am not going to have things like this anymore, it just doesn’t enter my mind to eat them, and if I see them, its so easy to just not want to eat them. Thanks!!" - P.S.


Pulling into the drive-thru window at a fast food place and want to know what to order? Our Program will help you with that. Looking at a full table of food at Thanksgiving? Our Program can help.

Weight Management Program

Our Weight Management Program works like this:

  • We will teach you how to take 2 minutes before each meal to decide what to eat
  • We will use hypnosis to help you get rid of cravings and see yourself at your desired weight
  • We will help you manage both the above over time until you are at your desired weight

We often joke that you can enter our offices as a smoker and leave as a non-smoker, but you cannot enter our offices 60 pounds overweight and leave at your desired weight.

But this is one of the truisms that makes weight loss different from other forms of hypnotherapy.

Maybe you've tried diets. You lose 20 pounds and then you gain it back. You've tried Atkins and Paleo and No-Carbs and Starches-Only. You've subscribed to Nutrisystems or Jenny Craig and you've spent a lot of money on specialized food delivered to your door.

Or you've been to Weight Watchers meetings and carried your little points booklet around with you everywhere.

Surely it's got to be easier than that! Surely it's got to be simple to be a regular human eating regular food and still be a regular size!

Well, there's good news. You can eat food that doesn't get shipped to you. You don't have to go to meetings. You can live a normal life and have a normal weight and not spend all your time thinking about how badly you want to lose another 30 pounds!

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