Neuroscientists have now discovered why hypnosis is so effective in changing habits, attitudes, and even physical pain. We will discuss the actual fMRI studies from Stanford and the Bernstein Center in your first session!

If I come in for some hypnotherapy,

will I be made to bark like a dog?

We have started a new practice focused on Chronic Pain Relief and reducing the Anxiety many feel before surgery or a dental procedure. Visit our exciting new web site!

This is not your grandfather's hypnotism. We have the science now!

Bad Habits?

If you've tried to break a bad habit but felt you were being blocked by something along the way, congratulations, you have a powerful Subconscious Mind that needs to be brought in sync with you.

Why do so many people come to hypnotists to stop smoking, lose weight, or quit other bad habits? Because hypnosis is the only near-magical way to access the Subconscious Mind and get it on board with your new ideas regarding these habits!

"Quite often we are the last resort for people, after they have exhausted all other remedies. Don't spend years talking about problems. Come solve them!" 

Chronic Pain?

Long ago, the healers of the time used meditation, sleep temples, and other mental processes we now know were hypnotism, to give patients comfort from pain, to perform surgery without anesthesia, and to cause wounds to heal faster.

Modern science has validated many of these ideas, and a quick visit to will find tens of thousands of peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles on the power of hypnosis to alleviate chronic pain of many kinds.

Sleep, Anxiety, Depression?

13% of Americans over the age of 12 are on anti-depressants. Modern life is stressful and may seem overwhelming. So many unknowns in the future. Are you ever stressed about your job? Your family? Your next trip to the doctor or dentist?

Or maybe it's a sexual issue. Maybe something really embarrassing. There is really nothing too shocking or taboo, so let's talk. If you have any questions about whether hypnosis can help you, don't hesitate to contact us!

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