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If I come in for some hypnotherapy,

will I be made to bark like a dog?

Bad Memories?

Sometimes people are afraid that hypnosis will make them remember things in their past they would rather forget. While it is true that one of the powerful methods of hypnotherapy involves discovering the source of an issue and resolving it, that is not the only way of fixing problems. So if you don't want to revisit the past, just let us know. There is no reason to delve into the past unless you want to!

"Quite often, we are the last resort people decide to try, after they have exhausted all other remedies. You can't shock us with your particular bad habit. We've seen it all. Come try us after everything else has failed." 

More Myths?

Long ago it was feared that hypnotists were consorting with spirits or were using some form of trickery or magic. Nowadays we have scientific evidence to demonstrate how and why hypnotism works so well. If you have any questions, make sure to contact us so we can ease your mind!

Something Else?

Maybe you have chronic pain or you're just afraid of your next trip to the dentist. Or maybe there is something else you are hoping can be addressed by hypnosis.

Maybe it's a sexual issue. Maybe something really embarrassing. There is really nothing too shocking or taboo, so let's talk. If you have any questions about whether hypnosis can help you, don't hesitate to contact us!

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