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More Testimonials

  • I came in to see if the hypnotist could get me to stop craving and eating sweet things.   I was not sure if this would work at all but I thought why not try it.  I have to say, I am amazed at just how successful this has worked.  I don’t even have to think that I am not going to have things like this anymore, it just doesn’t enter my mind to eat them, and if I see them, its so easy to just not want to eat them. Thanks!! - P.S.
  • Since doing hypnosis for weight loss (4 months), I went from 167.5 to 155.5, a loss of 12 pounds or 7% of my body weight. I have had a primal lifestyle (Mark Sisson) for years, moderate exercise, and bio-identical hormone replacement. The hypnosis helped me implement lean gains intermittent fasting, which I did not believe I could do, and that is what made the weight loss happen.  I currently keep my eating window to between 8-10 hours and the weight just keeps steadily going lower and lower. - T.Y.
  • Very optimistic about my future in weight loss.  He did a great job getting to my inner self to live a better and healthier life style. - D.T.
  • After a couple of session I seem to feel calmer about things and not so stressed. - J.C.
  • Remarkable! Initially, I went to normalize my sleeping habits and I have gone from going to sleep at 4 AM to being in bed by 9 PM! In a month, I have felt improvements in almost every area of my life. It's almost like having access to the Genie's Magic Lamp and getting unlimited wishes. - M.J.
  • Since I had my first consultation I noticed great improvement in my sleep issues. I had 3 sessions and the changes were great so I'm having 3 more. I do recommend Human Settings to all people who want to get better. - P.D.
  • After years of pain that limited me from physical activity, I received one session from Dave and have had no pain in that area and it has been almost 3 months. Very Happy and will continue to receive therapy! - C.G​
  • It is helping me with my job and golf game. I just need to keep working at it myself now. - R.M.
  • I have found that I'm more prone to try new things. That the apprehension that I had before has gone away. - R.A.
  • I am very grateful for Dave and my sessions with him at Human Settings.  Not only is he a kind, insightful person but he's able to get to the heart of the issue and help by using hypnosis in constructive, meaningful ways.  He was able to uncover a negative seed planted a very long time ago that, as a result, has caused a great deal of pain in my life.  Now that I'm free from it, I feel like anything is possible and for that, I will always be grateful. - D.K.
  • ​I would definitely recommend it to someone suffering from trichotillomania... I have quite a bit of growth on the top and sides so it's still very exciting. E.G.
  • I have definitely seen some changes in my thinking and behavior.  I notice that I am more thoughtful about what I eat and find it easy to choose the healthier alternative. I feel better and have even started losing weight! - S.D.
  • I am feeling calmer, no more panic attack comes daily... no more heavy anxieties with heavy pressure on chest. I could think clearer now and my hearing and memory are also better. I have had NO anxieties or panic attacks for the last 7 days. - L.B.
  • ​In a couple weeks I've been very pleased to see noticeable improvement with some stubborn personal challenges. Thanks a lot, Dave! - R.M.