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We do not treat mental or emotional disorders or attempt to cure medical diseases or physical disorders. Hypnotists and hypnotism are not licensed in Texas. We are not medical, dental, or mental health providers. We cannot make a medical diagnosis, prescribe drugs, or recommend discontinuing drugs.

We offer advice, counsel, or guidance ancillary to our occupations as hypnotists.

* Individual results may vary; every person is different. Some issues are resolved more quickly for some individuals than others, and results cannot be guaranteed. Any testimonials presented apply to the individuals depicted.

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FND/FMD We have been treating more and more clients with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), Functional Movement Disorder (FMD), Psychogenic Tremors, and similar diagnoses, who were referred to us by neurologists and physical therapists at UT Southwest and other institutions. Please contact us if you would like to discuss some of the reliefs of symptoms we have been seeing with our treatment methods, or book an appointment now for a tele-hypnotism session.

Whether it's lower back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, foot pain, jaw pain, or any one of a number of common pain problems, the scientific literature is now chock full of evidence: Hypnosis is an effective front-line treatment!

"Sixteen reported an average of 80% relief during the first four sessions, and all 20 patients reported an average of 70% relief (based on verbal estimates by patients) by the sixth session." - American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 2011 

"Hypnosis not only has analgesic effects in acute pain, but it also serves to relieve chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, cancer pains, and headaches." - Korean Journal of Pain, 2012

Maybe you have some anxiety surrounding Coronavirus or an upcoming medical or dental operation. Our Health Program uses stress management hypnosis to help you relax and be calmer during the procedure.

If you have recently injured yourself, see a doctor. That type of "acute" pain is your body's cry for help, and it may require medical attention.

"The positive energy that hypnosis has supplied me has helped me turn negatives to positives, manage my pain, and fight to overcome my pancreatic cancer. After the first session, the cancer was reduced by 80% and my pain and nausea were gone. After the second session, I was able to start eating again and recover more of my sense of taste. And now I'm on track to be 100% cancer free." - C.R.

"This was a life changing experience for me. I hadn't walked independently for over 3 1/2 years and I walked to my sister's car by myself. Later went shopping and to lunch and walked alone the whole time. Amazing." - V.F.


Health Program

We are not medical professionals, and we don't diagnose illnesses. We cannot make guarantees, so we let our clients speak for us on our Testimonials page, and let you decide!

But if you have been suffering with an ongoing pain for months or even years, and doctors are only able to keep prescribing pain pills for it, you might be a good candidate for our Chronic Pain Program.

The brain processes acute pain differently from chronic pain. Chronic pain can sometimes cause depression and a feeling that "this is never going to end".

Hypnosis has 3 effects that our Health Program implements:

  1. You will become less and less aware of the sensations that were formerly painful
  2. The brain, using something called neural plasticity, begins to rewire itself to reduce your suffering
  3. You'll develop a new positive outlook on your future

We also help people with a number of other medically related issues, such as wart removal, improved sleep, side effects of chemotherapy, etc. Talk to us about anything your medical professional may have recommended hypnotherapy to address!