Our clients have successfully quit smoking, neutralized stress, defeated anxiety, improved their sports or gymnastics performance, overcome a fear, conquered an erroneous belief, and generally made their lives more satisfying and enjoyable. Here are a few things they have said about us...

Human Settings - Control habits, anxiety, fears


Marlo is really kind, calm, and I would highly recommend her. I do think about the sessions during the weeks and can more easily picture the visual she talks about with me. It is very relaxing and I enjoy her calm voice guiding me along. My goal is self-confidence so I can get an additional job. Also, just in general feel good about who I am and what my strengths are, and be able to put the painful past behind me and not dwell on it when it comes to mind . I had my first interview in over 30 years today. I think it went well. I felt confident. It was for a job I have experience in so I can't say it was for something that would be incredibly challenging, but it's a good first step. - W.N.

I desperately needed help with my addiction. The success stories and statistics of treating addiction with hypnotherapy inspired me to give it a try. August 2017, I had my first appointment with Marlo at Human Settings. Prior to the session I was extremely anxious. As I explained my situation and hopeful outcome, Marlo took that opportunity to create her hypnosis strategy. When I heard the number “five”, my eyes opened & all I could think was wow. This was beyond my expectations. I felt that something powerful had just occurred but wasn’t quite sure what. It wasn’t until I went on about life that I realized the hypnosis session really did work. Not only is Marlo compassionate and empathetic, she is truly skilled in her profession. I recommend Marlo to anyone that wants to change but can’t do it alone. - A.P.

​I went in for help with cutting down on sweets and evening snacking.  Since I went I have noticed that the thought of snacking still pops in my mind but I can easily just say, hmm, I'm not hungry.  Before it was like an all night battle in my head to just keep from snacking.  Same with sweets, before if I ate a sweet, I just wanted more, now I can have a little sweet and that's the end of the craving. - R.W.

After trying self hypnosis for a couple times without much significant results I decided to get a hypnotist instead, so I booked a session with Dave Morris. My goal? To be more confident, poised and overall collected persona. One session is all it took to notice a lot of changes. There's no better feeling than the comfort of knowing, you can look anybody in the face with authentic self-assurance, (not because you have all the answers but because you know you are enough). Work meetings, presentations etc are piece of cake now. - L.N.

This was a life changing experience for me. I hadn't walked independently for over 3 1/2 years and I walked to my sister's car by myself. Later went shopping and to lunch and walked alone the whole time. Amazing. Dave was personable and great to talk to. - V.F.

"Wonderful experience, almost euphoric. I will be back." - B.Z.

I was having back and hip pain. After my session with Dave, walking thru the forest, my pain went away. It has stayed away for 2 weeks so far. I just hope it stays in the forest! - M.G.

I am so pleased I met Dave. He has helped me conquer a 20+ year bad habit I had! I would recommend Dave Morris to anyone! - E.L.

Thank you for my two very positive sessions with you.  I wanted to enjoy eating meat, especially fish.  I have eaten very little meat for 50 plus years.  After the first session I stopped by and bought a hamburger and ate the whole thing, meat and all. Since then, I have eaten chicken, fish, beef, and pork.  I especially liked salmon (which surprised me most of all.) When my session was over, my first words were, "That was a wonderful experience". I have told my friends about my pleasant time.  Thanks!!! - S.B.

Dave is wonderful, very easy and pleasing to talk to. I feel so much better. My inner self is calm and at peace. Dave has been really beneficial to my well being. I plan on continuing quest for inner peace with Dave. - T.S.

Dave is an amazing hypnotist. After seeing the dentist several times, a jaw specialist, and an M.D.,  for intolerable facial nerve pain brought on by stress and jaw tightening, Dave stopped it. After one session I walked out and I have never experienced the pain since. The subconscious mind is a powerful thing and I appreciate Dave for helping me to use it. - K.L.

In three sessions I experienced deep relaxation which  helped me identify stress eating triggers.  Dave was kind, patient, insightful, and effective.  I not only received help during the sessions, he gave me tools to continue to use.  Highly recommend. - Z.S.

I first tried hypnosis in August to quit smoking, it worked! No cravings, no desire and I feel as though I was never a smoker. I went to see Dave again to help with some anger issues. The 1 hour session changed my perspective and I feel as though my burdens have lifted. I'm a happier more cheerful person. I recommend Dave Morris because he's thoughtful, very experienced and has a great melodic voice...and the results are REAL! - S.K.

I have a bit of a story for you as far as my results go for the sessions we did to improve my fear of flying. When I got on the flight I was quite surprised at how I barely had to do any calming exercises. About 1/2 way to TX we started coming into weather. We were told there were heavy rains and a lot of wind in Houston. as we got closer we were told they were putting us in a holding pattern as it was too windy to land. Oh oh... So now I am doing my thumb/fore finger pressure point, breathing, breathing, breathing! We did land all safe and sound. So the miracle of the story is, my sessions with you worked so well that I actually got on another flight after all that and still did not resort to drugs or alcohol!   Thank you so much. I know there is no way that I would have sanely survived that fight if I had not had my sessions. - S.S.

And here are some more:

  • I came in to see if the hypnotist could get me to stop craving and eating sweet things.   I was not sure if this would work at all but I thought why not try it.  I have to say, I am amazed at just how successful this has worked.  I don’t even have to think that I am not going to have things like this anymore, it just doesn’t enter my mind to eat them, and if I see them, its so easy to just not want to eat them. Thanks!! - P.S.
  • Since doing hypnosis for weight loss (4 months), I went from 167.5 to 155.5, a loss of 12 pounds or 7% of my body weight. I have had a primal lifestyle (Mark Sisson) for years, moderate exercise, and bio-identical hormone replacement. The hypnosis helped me implement lean gains intermittent fasting, which I did not believe I could do, and that is what made the weight loss happen.  I currently keep my eating window to between 8-10 hours and the weight just keeps steadily going lower and lower. - T.Y.
  • Very optimistic about my future in weight loss.  He did a great job getting to my inner self to live a better and healthier life style. - D.T.
  • After a couple of session I seem to feel calmer about things and not so stressed. - J.C.
  • Remarkable! Initially, I went to normalize my sleeping habits and I have gone from going to sleep at 4 AM to being in bed by 9 PM! In a month, I have felt improvements in almost every area of my life. It's almost like having access to the Genie's Magic Lamp and getting unlimited wishes. - M.J.
  • Since I had my first consultation I noticed great improvement in my sleep issues. I had 3 sessions and the changes were great so I'm having 3 more. I do recommend Human Settings to all people who want to get better. - P.D.
  • After years of pain that limited me from physical acitivity, I received one session from Dave and have had no pain in that area and it has been almost 3 months. Very Happy and will continue to receive therapy! - C.G
  • It is helping me with my job and golf game. I just need to keep working at it myself now. - R.M.
  • I have found that I'm more prone to try new things. That the apprehension that I had before has gone away. - R.A.
  • I am very grateful for Dave and my sessions with him at Human Settings.  Not only is he a kind, insightful person but he's able to get to the heart of the issue and help by using hypnosis in constructive, meaningful ways.  He was able to uncover a negative seed planted a very long time ago that, as a result, has caused a great deal of pain in my life.  Now that I'm free from it, I feel like anything is possible and for that, I will always be grateful. - D.K.
  • Mr. Morris made me feel at ease, I am very pleased with the results of our sessions! I would recommend his services to anyone! - T.D.
  • I would definitely recommend it to someone suffering from trichotillomania... I have quite a bit of growth on the top and sides so it's still very exciting. E.G.
  • I have definitely seen some changes in my thinking and behavior.  I notice that I am more thoughtful about what I eat and find it easy to choose the healthier alternative. I feel better and have even started losing weight! - S.D.
  • I am feeling calmer, no more panic attack comes daily... no more heavy anxieties with heavy pressure on chest. I could think clearer now and my hearing and memory are also better. I have had NO anxieties or panic attacks for the last 7 days. - L.B.
  • ​In a couple weeks I've been very pleased to see noticeable improvement with some stubborn personal challenges. Thanks a lot, Dave! - R.M.