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As of today I'm 100% sober. Lost my father in law the day after my session, alcohol  slamming relatives last week and no desire at all to drink. I even opened the wine, served it, and got the boys beer. Felt nothing but happy knowing I'd remember the entire evening and I'd wake up happy super well rested and not feeling awful. - S.K.

In the two sessions I've had with Dave, my anxiety has significantly declined. I feel more empowered and confident when I speak and share my opinion with others. After 1 session, I significantly decrease my caffeine intake after a 20 year addiction. Dave creates a safe space with his melodic voice for true healing and transformation. I look forward to more sessions with Dave as he is a true master in his field. - K.C.

I absolutely loved my sessions with Amber, I was really nervous at first, but she is so calm and her voice is so soothing. I am able to connect with my feelings so easily now and I know how to talk with my subconscious and find out what’s up and how I can rectify the situation. I had terrible body image problems, but with Amber's help, I have realized there is no perfect and that I have a strong, capable, healthy body and that size is just a number. This has been a game changer for me, thanks again Amber!  - M.G.

I am giving you an update from Tuesday nights session (FND foot problems). That night I dreamt that I could walk, run and skip again like I did as a child. When I woke up I started walking but then suddenly realized I was walking normal without telling my body what to do. The old neural pathway kicked in automatically!! It was a deeply emotional few hours. I was able to walk on the beach normally without me prompting my brain for 1/4 mile! - K.S.

I am so grateful to have found Dave, his hypnotherapy has helped me tremendously especially when going through hard life changes. I didn't think much of the process at first until I started to see results within days. I am now more conscious and at peace with my mind. Plus, he is a great mentor to talk things out with. - K.J.

I was a week into daily panic attacks when I met with Amber. She helped me imagine and internally create a safe space and then linked it to a physical cue to return there anytime. It was instrumental in helping me get out of anxiety, and return to a normal daily life. I can't thank the Human Settings team enough. They are highly skilled! - N.K.

I’ve actually been doing really well!! Management of my symptoms (FND-Seizures) has just been getting better and better, and I couldn’t be happier with my daily life. Thank you so much for checking in! I really appreciate it. - A.W.

​The positive energy that hypnosis has supplied me has helped me turn negatives to positives, manage my pain, and fight to overcome my pancreatic cancer. After the first session, the cancer was reduced by 80% and my pain and nausea were gone.After the second session, I was able to start eating again and recover more of my sense of taste. And now I'm on track to be 100% cancer free. It's made it much easier to get by. It's charged me with nothing but positivity, and turned negatives into positives. It's amazing how wonderful you feel after hypnosis: charged, energized, negativity is gone. If you're not feeling right, hypnosis can give you the right energy to change you back to positives. Marlo has helped me immensely to keep fighting for new life. - C.R.

My hypnotherapy session with Dave and Amber was powerful; afterward I felt a greater sense of peace and ease and like we'd actually gotten some deep work done! This was my first hypnotherapy session ever, and Dave and Amber made me feel completely at ease and able to dive into the work I needed to do. I will definitely be adding this to my wellness routine. - E.M.

My Hypno sessions with Dave have turned this skeptic into a changed woman. Every aspect of my life is better and I attribute a lot of it to my therapy sessions with him. The progress I gain in one hypno session feels like it takes 7-8 sessions with a traditional therapist. - R.G.

I cannot recommend Human Settings enough! Working with Dave has been transformative to my personal development - quickly helping me identify and understand my subconscious programming and make valuable upgrades. I’ve overcome both emotional challenges like confidence issues and physical challenges such as migraines. If you are feeling drawn to hypnotherapy and subconscious work, you’d be blessed to have the human settings team on your side! - C.M.

My session with Amber was amazing. I was really surprised by the memory that popped up during my session that we were able to clear up. I am now a believer in hypnotherapy and will be going back for more! - J.W.

Hello Dave and Amber. Some very deep fears were triggered. And I could really let go of the need of pleasing people... Things related to the stuttering were removed. And I feel confident to share my voice now. It definitely was very powerful, and I will book another session. - N.S.

Here's my testimonial about the White Finger Disease: Dave's suggestion on picturing my hands warming under a blanket has been keeping my fingers from turning fully white cold.  Amazing and most appreciated! - A.Y.

Dave was really kind and we easily connected. His work is great, it brought me a different perspective that I understood immediately, and the importance of tapping into our own subconscious. He empowered me and honestly reminded me that I have more power over my mind and decisions, and showed me how to tap into that. Would recommend, 10/10! - F.R.

Good Morning DaveI It has been two weeks since the first visit. I have not had a cigarette since. Thanks for the help! - D.F.

This was a life changing experience for me. I hadn't walked independently for over 3 1/2 years and I walked to my sister's car by myself. Later went shopping and to lunch and walked alone the whole time. Amazing. Dave was personable and great to talk to. - V.F.

I have had an amazingly great response with hypnosis thus far. I have addressed some personal issues and have a sense of peace and calmness in my life. I have gone to her for many different things such as food cravings and even some goal setting... I would highly recommend Marlo at Human Settings, you can tell she is very passionate about what she does and is very knowledgeable in her field. - E.P.

Marlo is really kind, calm, and I would highly recommend her. I do think about the sessions during the weeks and can more easily picture the visual she talks about with me. It is very relaxing and I enjoy her calm voice guiding me along. My goal is self-confidence so I can get an additional job. Also, just in general feel good about who I am and what my strengths are, and be able to put the painful past behind me and not dwell on it when it comes to mind . I had my first interview in over 30 years today. I think it went well. I felt confident. It was for a job I have experience in so I can't say it was for something that would be incredibly challenging, but it's a good first step. - W.N.

I was having back and hip pain. After my session with Dave, walking thru the forest, my pain went away. It has stayed away for 2 weeks so far. I just hope it stays in the forest! - M.G.

I desperately needed help with my addiction. The success stories and statistics of treating addiction with hypnotherapy inspired me to give it a try. August 2017, I had my first appointment with Marlo at Human Settings. Prior to the session I was extremely anxious. As I explained my situation and hopeful outcome, Marlo took that opportunity to create her hypnosis strategy. When I heard the number “five”, my eyes opened & all I could think was wow. This was beyond my expectations. I felt that something powerful had just occurred but wasn’t quite sure what. It wasn’t until I went on about life that I realized the hypnosis session really did work. Not only is Marlo compassionate and empathetic, she is truly skilled in her profession. I recommend Marlo to anyone that wants to change but can’t do it alone. - A.P.

​I went in for help with cutting down on sweets and evening snacking.  Since I went I have noticed that the thought of snacking still pops in my mind but I can easily just say, hmm, I'm not hungry.  Before it was like an all night battle in my head to just keep from snacking.  Same with sweets, before if I ate a sweet, I just wanted more, now I can have a little sweet and that's the end of the craving. - R.W.

After trying self hypnosis for a couple times without much significant results I decided to get a hypnotist instead, so I booked a session with Dave Morris. My goal? To be more confident, poised and overall collected persona. One session is all it took to notice a lot of changes. There's no better feeling than the comfort of knowing, you can look anybody in the face with authentic self-assurance, (not because you have all the answers but because you know you are enough). Work meetings, presentations etc are piece of cake now. - L.N.

Wonderful experience, almost euphoric. I will be back. - B.Z.

I am so pleased I met Dave. He has helped me conquer a 20+ year bad habit I had! I would recommend Dave Morris to anyone! - E.L.

Thank you for my two very positive sessions with you.  I wanted to enjoy eating meat, especially fish.  I have eaten very little meat for 50 plus years.  After the first session I stopped by and bought a hamburger and ate the whole thing, meat and all. Since then, I have eaten chicken, fish, beef, and pork.  I especially liked salmon (which surprised me most of all.) When my session was over, my first words were, "That was a wonderful experience". I have told my friends about my pleasant time.  Thanks!!! - S.B.

Dave is wonderful, very easy and pleasing to talk to. I feel so much better. My inner self is calm and at peace. Dave has been really beneficial to my well being. I plan on continuing quest for inner peace with Dave. - T.S.

Dave is an amazing hypnotist. After seeing the dentist several times, a jaw specialist, and an M.D.,  for intolerable facial nerve pain brought on by stress and jaw tightening, Dave stopped it. After one session I walked out and I have never experienced the pain since. The subconscious mind is a powerful thing and I appreciate Dave for helping me to use it. - K.L.

In three sessions I experienced deep relaxation which  helped me identify stress eating triggers.  Dave was kind, patient, insightful, and effective.  I not only received help during the sessions, he gave me tools to continue to use.  Highly recommend. - Z.S.

I first tried hypnosis in August to quit smoking, it worked! No cravings, no desire and I feel as though I was never a smoker. I went to see Dave again to help with some anger issues. The 1 hour session changed my perspective and I feel as though my burdens have lifted. I'm a happier more cheerful person. I recommend Dave Morris because he's thoughtful, very experienced and has a great melodic voice...and the results are REAL! - S.K.

I have a bit of a story for you as far as my results go for the sessions we did to improve my fear of flying. When I got on the flight I was quite surprised at how I barely had to do any calming exercises. About 1/2 way to TX we started coming into weather. We were told there were heavy rains and a lot of wind in Houston. as we got closer we were told they were putting us in a holding pattern as it was too windy to land. Oh oh... So now I am doing my thumb/fore finger pressure point, breathing, breathing, breathing! We did land all safe and sound. So the miracle of the story is, my sessions with you worked so well that I actually got on another flight after all that and still did not resort to drugs or alcohol!   Thank you so much. I know there is no way that I would have sanely survived that fight if I had not had my sessions. - S.S.

"Dave is the master mind mechanic I call when I need a subconscious tuneup. He also provides valuable help to our Alive members as they are transitioning into more resonance." -- Suzy Batiz

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