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* Individual results may vary; every person is different. Some issues are resolved more quickly for some individuals than others, and results cannot be guaranteed. Any testimonials presented apply to the individuals depicted.

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Last Update 13Nov2022
Weakness walking, not formally diagnosed as FND2Able to walk; stopped coming
Seizures, not formally diagnosed as FND6Resolved
Psychogenic Tremors2Some improvement
FND, chronic pain1Resolved; Pain reduced 8 -> 2
FND, pain & shaking3Resolved
FMD; Tremor since HS1Couldn't stay in trance
FND; Numb hands/feet when cold2Unknown outcome; Found some causes
FND; Spasms in face and hands2Unknown outcome; Stopped coming
FND; Head movements, speech1Resolved in 1st session; 6 followups
FND; PTSD; Chronic Pain; Depression2Resistant; Can't visualize
FND1Unknown outcome; Only 1 session
FND; Head flailing, Anxiety, Depression, Pain4Not much progress; Head flailing
FND; Facial tics, eye closure10+Slow improvements
FND; Back pain9Slight improvements
FND; Tremors, balance, voice, hands3Improvments walking
FND; Balance, gait, memory, tinnitis2Unknown outcome
FND; Sleep, speech, tongue movemts, dissociation5Improvement in seizures, sleep, dissociation
FND; Tongue movement, balance, gait, speech11+Speaks freely, rides bike
FND; Sleep problems, PTSD, Hand tremors1Unknown outcome; Could not visualize
FND; Cognitive, speech, gait, weakness, tics, spasms1Unknown outcome; Tics worse post sess
FND; Hand tremors2Good but faded; Could not visualize
FND; Chronic hand pain; Musician5Improvements rapid; Still active client
FND; Chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, Fibromyalgia2Improvements rapid; Still active client
FMD; Seizures, can't walk, tics, outbursts8Resolved in 7; Returned to normal life
FND; Leg loss of function, neuropathy, epilepsy4Improvements; Still active client
FND; Chronic hiccups diagnosed as Tics1Unknown outcome; Only 1 session so far

How does Hypnosis work for FND?

It is well known in the medical literature that hypnosis allows a person to connect with their Subconscious Mind to create changes in behaviors, addictions, and even bodily functions.

People have long been able to have dental procedures and various surgeries without anesthesia. Natural childbirth relies upon the work of the Subconscious Mind to shut off pain.

And we have discovered in just the last few years that many of the symptoms of FND/FMD are created by the Subconscious Mind, and thus can be corrected by the Subconscious Mind. Functional Neurological Disorder is also known as Conversion Disorder, and is diagnosed by psychiatrists or neurologists when the organic source of a paralysis, tremor, seizure, or other body movement problem cannot be found. While nobody wants to hear "it's all in your mind", it is good to know just how powerful the Subconscious Mind actually is, and that the neurology community is starting to look at hypnosis as an effective way to address these difficult conditions by working with the Subconscious Mind.

If you would like to discuss hypnosis further as a possible treatment, please talk to your doctor and use our Contact page to email us and we will set up a phone call to discuss your options, or book an appointment and try it for yourself or a loved one.

Representative compilation of some of our outcomes, We do not divulge the names or personal identifying information of our clients. Some clients are still attending sessions, sometimes for other symptoms after the FND type symptoms have been alleviated. In the interest of full transparency, we want to illustrate that hypnosis is not a 100% perfect treatment for these conditions, but it does have surprisingly effective results for many people.

We are not doctors. We are not neurologists. We are not psychologists or psychiatrists. We do not diagnose or treat diseases or disorders. All diagnoses below (FND, FMD, Conversion Disorder, etc) were performed by a physician, not by us. Please read our disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

This page is provided to illustrate some of the outcomes of our hypnosis sessions with clients who were - in most cases - referred to us by neurologists or physical therapists at prominent medical centers. Talk to your doctor about whether hypnosis might produce positive results in your particular case. Everyone's outcome will be different from the cases below.

FND - Functional Neurological Disorder

FMD - Functional Movement Disorder