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Listed in the Kink Aware Professionals Directory

Non-judgmental and experienced in matters of alternative lifestyles, sexual issues, polyamory and other relationship issues

Marlo Camacho has moved to Waco and is

no longer with us. We wish her all the best

in her new endeavors!

Dave Morris is a hypnotism instructor (CMT) with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (CCH) with the National Guild of Hypnotists, as well as an associate member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Over the past forty years, he studied  the different methods of Jose Silva, Dave Elman, Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, and many others in the self-help field, designed and programmed artificially intelligent virtual humans, studied and wrote about dissociation, and spent decades studying religions from the inside out.

Dr. Larry Kelley is the latest addition to our staff.

Dr. Kelley works in both our North Dallas and our new Fort Worth satellite office. He is certified to provide relief from chronic pain as a Certified Pain Escape Hypnotist (CPEH) with the Pain Escape Network.

He is also Certified Hypnotist (CH) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) a Certified Medical Meditation Consultant and a Certified Stress Management Consultant with the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ICBCH), and a Banyan 5-PATH Hypnotist and Master Hypnotist (MH). Since his certification as Master Hypnotist in 2010, he has received certificates as a Smoke Cessation Specialist, Phantom Limb Pain, Clinical Hypnotist, and Fear Removal Specialist.

Prior to becoming a hypnotist, Dr. Kelley was an active Chiropractor for 25 years, then a clinic administrator for 15 years. He transitioned to hypnotherapy from chiropractic after he found the outcomes more satisfying from hypnosis. 

The final result of his experiences puts it all together in a simple, straight-forward process. That process is called Reconfiguring the Human Settings. It combines virtually everything that is known from the realms of computer programming, artificial intelligence, hypnosis, religion, self-help, and dissociation into a unified process for accomplishing personal change, rapidly and permanently.