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Take a look at our specialized programs for the habits involved in Weight Loss and Nicotine Addiction

"I desperately needed help with my addiction. The success stories and statistics of treating addiction with hypnotherapy inspired me to give it a try. Prior to the session I was extremely anxious. As I explained my situation and hopeful outcome, Marlo took that opportunity to create her hypnosis strategy. When I heard the number “five”, my eyes opened & all I could think was wow. This was beyond my expectations. I felt that something powerful had just occurred but wasn’t quite sure what. It wasn’t until I went on about life that I realized the hypnosis session really did work." - A.P.


The latest fMRI technology allows us to peek into the brain while it is in hypnosis, to find out what is really going on in there to make such huge changes possible so easily!

Have you been told you just need to have more will power to kick that habit? Another brain scan study in 2006 seems to show that your will power has nothing to do with it, but that gaining control over your subconscious mind is the real key to change.

We'll discuss this important research with you in your first session, and then teach you how to get control over your subconscious thoughts. Create a virtual control room in your mind where you can change your human settings similar to the way you change your computer and smartphone settings.

If you can identify with any of the following symptoms, you may be a good candidate for our Habit Control Program:

  • You want to get yourself out of autopilot mode and take control of your habits
  • You want to stop a compulsion to do the same thing over and over
  • You want to have a more positive outlook on your ability to control yourself
  • You want to feel better about yourself
  • You want to create good habits and eliminate bad ones

Most everyone has heard of using hypnosis to conquer bad habits. But does it really work, and how does it work?

Let us share with you some medical research recently conducted at Stanford Medical School and published in 2016 by Dr. Spiegel and his colleagues. They were able to find the areas in the brain that are activated in hypnosis to let you change behaviors in such a way that you don't even realize you are doing it.

Habit Control Program

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