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Inside your Palace of Mind, one of the rooms is like a control room. There are many settings you can change. Fear? Bad Habit? Pain? You can set the controls!

Together, we will devise a strategy to change the settings. We will help you to be comfortable in your control room. And we will show you the tools to make those changes anytime, anyplace, so you become independent, and not dependent on your hypnotist.

In the early days of hypnotherapy, practitioners studied many different ways to perform an induction into a trance state. Then they would recite a scripted sequence of direct suggestions the client was supposed to accept in that trance state. This worked well for about 80% of the population, and not well for the rest. The person who wants to overcome anxiety and depression requires an entirely different set of suggestions than the person who wants to quit smoking. And the person who wants to lose weight requires an even more customized approach.

So we took all our combined experiences with the thousands of clients we have helped, the people who came to us wanting wart removal and the people who came in with sleep problems, those who wanted to just pass a test, and those who wanted to improve their sports performance, the ones with fibromyalgia and back pain, and all the rest, and we collected the metaphors we had been using to get the best results into a framework we call the Palace of Mind. You will meet your Subconscious Assistant and together you will find the internal resources famous hypnotists like Milton Erickson helped his clients use to create significant and lasting changes quickly!

The Conscious Voyage

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Talk to us about our solutions to help you sleep better, for stress relief, for weight management, to stop bad habits, for nicotine cessation (stop smoking, vaping, dipping), for chronic pain relief, for more motivation and energy, to build confidence and courage, and to banish fears and anxieties. If you don't see a link to a specific program in this list, please contact us to find out what solution we can offer to improve your life!

Your Palace of Mind

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