Relax with a small group introduction to hypnosis. Make a connection with your Subconscious Mind in this group Zoom session and use that connection to improve your life. Every few weeks we will show you another area in which you can harness a connection with your Subconscious Mind, give you a demonstration, and answer your questions! Share this page with friends, so they too can learn how the most successful people use the SC to their advantage.

How can you connect with your Subconscious Mind using hypnotism?

Join us from your home, with your browser or phone via Zoom! Get comfortable, put on your bunny slippers, turn off the ringer, lock the barking dogs out, and let's do some self-hypnosis!

You'll learn about the science. Experience some demonstrations. Feel your stress melt away in simple exercises. In some sessions we'll even demonstrate pain relief. Everyone leaves with a much better understanding of how hypnosis actually works, and how hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis can be your go-to tool for eliminating bad habits, starting good habits, relieving chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and depression, and eliminating limiting beliefs. Everyone leaves with a positive outlook and a boost in energy!

Only $49

If you have always wanted to

  • know how hypnotism works
  • experience hypnotism in a safe and comfortable setting
  • get some relief from stress
  • lower your anxiety level
  • find out how hypnosis alleviates chronic pain
  • use hypnosis to conquer depression
  • have a more positive outlook on life
then you'll enjoy coming to one of our Subconscious Connections Webinars

"Subconscious Connections" Webinar Series

Here is your chance for an inexpensive and non-threatening introduction to what might be the most powerful change you've made in your life! Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Held some evenings and weekends - Click the button below to get your Zoom link!

November 14th topic: Stress!

Human Settings - Change habits, anxiety, pain, limiting beliefs

We do not treat mental or emotional disorders or attempt to cure medical diseases or physical disorders. Hypnotists and hypnotism are not licensed in Texas. We are not medical, dental, or mental health providers. We cannot make a medical diagnosis, prescribe drugs, or recommend discontinuing drugs.

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