Human Settings - Stop bad habits, anxiety, fears

I came in to see if the hypnotist could get me to stop craving and eating sweet things.   I was not sure if this would work at all but I thought why not try it.  I have to say, I am amazed at just how successful this has worked.  I don’t even have to think that I am not going to have things like this anymore, it just doesn’t enter my mind to eat them, and if I see them, its so easy to just not want to eat them. Thanks!! - P.S.

Since doing hypnosis for weight loss around August 25, 2015 to today's date December 16, 2015, I (5'7) went from 167.5 to 155.5, a loss of 12 pounds or 7% of my body weight. I have had a primal lifestyle (Mark Sisson) for years, moderate exercise, and bio-identical hormone replacement. The hypnosis helped me implement lean gains intermittent fasting, which I did not believe I could do, and that is what made the weight loss happen.  I currently keep my eating window to between 8-10 hours and the weight just keeps steadily going lower and lower. - T.Y.

Remarkable! Initially, I went to normalize my sleeping habits and I have gone from going to sleep at 4 AM to being in bed by 9 PM! In a month, I have felt improvements in almost every area of my life. It's almost like having access to the Genie's Magic Lamp and getting unlimited wishes. - M.J.

Since I had my first consultation I noticed great improvement in my sleep issues. I had 3 sessions and the changes were great so I'm having 3 more. I do recommend Human Settings to all people who want to get better. - P.D.

After years of pain that limited me from physical acitivity, I received one session from Dave and have had no pain in that area and it has been almost 3 months. Very Happy and will continue to receive therapy! - C.G

I am very grateful for Dave and my sessions with him at Human Settings.  Not only is he a kind, insightful person but he's able to get to the heart of the issue and help by using hypnosis in constructive, meaningful ways.  He was able to uncover a negative seed planted a very long time ago that, as a result, has caused a great deal of pain in my life.  Now that I'm free from it, I feel like anything is possible and for that, I will always be grateful. - D.K.

​The biggest change has been self-control while talking with angry customers, and I'm super proud of it! - J.C.

Mr. Morris made me feel at ease, I am very pleased with the results of our sessions together! I would recommend his services to anyone! - T.D.

I would definitely recommend it to someone suffering from trichotillomania... I have quite a bit of growth on the top and sides so it's still very exciting. E.G.
I have definitely seen some changes in my thinking and behavior.  I notice that I am more thoughtful about what I eat and find it easy to choose the healthier alternative. I feel better and have even started losing weight! - S.D.

I am feeling calmer, no more panic attack comes daily, I had a very mild one in the past 2 weeks, no more heavy anxieties with heavy pressure on chest. I could think clearer now and my hearing and memory are also better. I have had NO anxieties or panic attacks for the last 7 days. - L.B.

​In a couple weeks I've been very pleased to see noticeable improvement with some stubborn personal challenges. Thanks a lot, Dave! - R.M.


The final result of his experiences puts it all together in a simple, straight-forward process. That process is called Reconfiguring the Human Settings. It combines virtually everything that is known from the realms of computer programming, artificial intelligence, hypnosis, religion, self-help, and dissociation into a unified process for accomplishing personal change, rapidly and permanently.

The Hypnotists

Dave Morris is trained as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and is a certified member of the International Association of Councelors and Therapists, as well as an associate member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Over the past forty years, he studied  the different methods of Jose Silva, Dave Elman, Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, and many others in the self-help field, designed and built artificially intelligent virtual humans out of software, studied and wrote about dissociation, and spent decades studying religions from the inside out.


Starting in October 2016

These are just some of the testimonials our clients have given us permission to reprint. There are many more who have successfully quit smoking, improved their sports or gymnastics performance, overcome a fear, conquered an erroneous belief, and generally made their lives more satisfying and enjoyable.

Beginning October 2016 we have a new hypnotist working under Dave's supervision. Marlo is a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and has been helping clients with a number of issues where her gentle manner and keen analytical capabilities have been an asset to our practice. If you believe a female hypnotist would be appropriate for your particular case, please request her when you book your session.

Listed in the Kink Aware Professionals Directory

Non-judgmental and experienced in matters of alternative lifestyles, sexual issues, polyamory and other relationship issues