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Marlo Camacho is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (NGH, IACT), a Certified Medical Hypnotherapist (ICBCH), a Certified Reiki Master, a Certified Tobacco Cessation Treatment Specialist (ICBCH), and an alternative healer.

She approaches hypnosis with a holistic, introspective perspective that merges eastern and western philosophies. The eastern understanding of matters of the mind involves both our western understanding of the mind AND of the heart; this view is at the core of the way Marlo conducts her sessions.

Guided by a collectivist understanding of the metaphysical and the latest psychological developments, she integrates into her work enough pieces from all over the world to engage your mind to the fullest.

The most simplified goal is to reset any imbalances, and to move forward into harmony without restriction—and YOU are quickly on your way to achieving your own personal harmony simply by looking at this webpage. 

​Having started her journey in metaphysics with meditation and self-hypnosis, Marlo has gained personal insight into the wonders of the healing process through these means.

As much as Marlo may be a healer, she has often found herself in need of healing as well. As a result, she is able to relate to the struggles of suffering, and she approaches such struggles with gentleness and genuine understanding.

She began practicing hypnosis with clients in 2016, and she since has utilized her own personal experience to help hundreds of people achieve their goals.

Her passions lie in working to heal trauma, to eliminate toxic messages, to alleviate depression, to soothe anxiety, and to assist in transformations of all kinds.

She would love to extend to you the promise of these goals, and anything else you seek to accomplish.

Marlo Camacho, CCH

For an alternative, empathetic, and energy-shifting hypnosis experience, book an appointment with Marlo today!

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