Getting technical? OK well you know there is no physical control room in your brain. That's a model we use to help you visualize changes you want to make. If you want to get real technical, there is no subconscious either. It's a combination of brain wave frequencies and energies, neurotransmitters, the polarfrontal cortex and amygdala and all of the interactions between all of that stuff. But you'd never be able to stop a bad habit if you had to study neuroscience first, would you? So we use abstractions that anybody can visualize. And it works. Remarkably well!

What Mayo Clinic says about Hypnosis

The acceptance of hypnosis as a mode of treatment in medicine is increasing as a result of “careful, methodical, empirical work of many research pioneers". In this article, the Mayo Clinic reviews clinical trials of hypnosis in treatments of Allergy, Anesthesia for Pain Relief, Anesthesia for Surgery, Dermatology (for example warts), Gastroenterology (for example Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Ulcers), Healing From Surgery or Injury, Hemophilia, Hypertension, Headaches including Migraine, Obesity, Obstetrics (including fewer complications, less pain, shorter labor), Oncology, Otorhinolaryngology, Pulmonary Medicine, Rheumatology, Surgery, Urology.

So, while we are not involved in the practice of medicine, there are plenty of studies you can read online that demonstrate the power of the mind to influence the body. We work with your subconscious and help align it with your life goals. We help ordinary people solve ordinary problems using the power of their own mind. In doing so, we may use techniques we have learned from personal, classroom training by Larry Elman, Mike Mandel, Richard Nongard, Melissa Tiers, Roy Hunter, AL Ward, George Bien, Igor Ledochowski, Jason Linett, Roy Cantrell, and many other accomplished leaders in the field of hypnotism and hypnotherapy.

Not sure yet? You can always call and find out what 21st Century hypnotism is all about and how it can help you make radical changes that will make you feel incredibly good. 

The mind-body connection has been proven over and over for almost 200 years. Let us guide you on a tour of your own internal control room, reconfiguring your Human Settings the way you want them to be, and start enjoying life more fully.

Make changes to your personal configuration by entering the control room of your mind

Want to stop smoking? Disable the triggers for smoking! Want to lose weight? Just move the slider to your ideal desired weight. Suffering from chronic pain or just fearful of your next dentist appointment? Want more confidence or motivation to win in sports? These are all things that people just like you are able to deal with using hypnosis. Just reconfigure the options in your own personal Human Settings control room, and let your subconscious begin running again using the new specifications by which you want to start living.

Our approach at Human Settings is to find out first what configuration changes you would like to make. We look at the issues you are facing and match them with the Human Settings controls that are responsible for those issues and let you know which ones can be reconfigured and which may require “hardware” (medical) changes.

Since we only deal with configuration changes, and are not medical or psychological practitioners, we will refer you to qualified medical and psychological therapists if the needs turn out to be beyond the scope of a simple configuration change. But many people turn to Human Settings after they have exhausted every other option.

Hypnosis Services Details

Human Settings - Control habits, anxiety, fears

Once we have identified the configuration changes, we will take you down the elevator of your mind into your own personal brain control room and let you enter Setup mode (a simple process that takes a couple of minutes) and first demonstrate how the Settings changes work by flipping some of the switches.

You will be astonished with this demonstration of how easily you are able to make a relatively major configuration change in such a short few moments. Once you are convinced that we can indeed assist you in changing your Settings, we then proceed to direct you in making the configuration changes you requested. When we are done, we switch you back into Run mode, test everything, and you are done! This initial session will last about 90 minutes.

Sometimes in the process of identifying the reasons for your current configuration, we discover something that is blocking the correct setting. Something has contaminated your memories or your ability to make the simple changes you want.

If so, we will follow that obstruction to its source and deal with it. Sometimes it happened a long time ago and has been thwarting your ability to live a full life for a long time. Removing and fixing those crossed wires can have a phenomenal result on your future happiness! These followup sessions can be scheduled in 60 minute increments.

Philosophers and writers over the years have sought a sort of Unified Theory of self-help. Napoleon Hill and Norman Vincent Peale wrote that we should be able to think ourselves into wealth and happiness. Dave Elman showed doctors and dentists how pain could be controlled by a working in a hypnotic trance. Jose Silva taught children faster than other teachers by simply having them meditate while he lectured. Everyone knows by now that positive affirmations and positive thinking, and for some, prayer, have a powerful influence on our ability to change things within ourselves. 

But it took someone who studied all of these
different methods, someone who designed and built artificially intelligent virtual humans out of software, someone who mastered hypnosis, studied and wrote about dissociation, and spent decades studying religions from the inside out, to finally put it all together in a simple, straight-forward process. That process is called Reconfiguring the Human Settings. It combines virtually everything that is known from the realms of computer programming, hypnosis, religion, self-help, and dissociation into a unified process for accomplishing personal change, rapidly and permanently.

Every human being has a Run mode and a Setup mode. Just as most computer hardware and software come with a button marked “Settings” that allows a multitude of different configurations, so also humans come with a sort of brain control room where we set such things as our optimism level, our threshold of pain, our addictions, our tolerance of intimacy, and much more. Virtually everything that is not hardware related (i.e. medical) can be configured by turning knobs, moving sliders, or pressing buttons in our mind.